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Rollover most images below with the mouse for before and after views.

In the past few years I have been restoring and refinishing furniture brought to me by reputable Antiques Dealers and discriminating individuals. Some are originals (Limbert, Stickley, Harden) and some are not.

All have been damaged or neglected in some way (needing parts, dried out glue, split tops) or just needing some minor work to clean up the previous "repair".

I have found that I enjoy this piece of history and seeing how construction techniques have changed as mass production became more important than quality.

I consult historians regarding finishing techniques so as not to devalue the piece and in some cases I get drawings and plans of the originals to replace a missing desk front or back splash.

I use dye-type stains to match the original colors and never use lacquers or urethane finishes.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to estimate a cost because most times there is some hidden damage that is found as I get into the project and so I can only undertake them on a "time and materials" basis.

I can assure you of one thing - you will be more than happy with the results.

Please take the time to review some of the "before and after" photos on this page.

Rollover most images below with the mouse for before and after views.

"Exceptional Experience"

This "Limbert" style table came to me with a split top and covered with paint.


This Stickley Bookcase recently stripped of many layers of paint came in with doors missing. The rollover image shows the bookcase with the new doors attached before staining.


These are the two Stickley Bookcases after the restoration and repair process has been completed (not the original hardware).


This rare and early Gus Stickley #505 Chalet Desk lost it's drop down front somewhere. The rollover image shows the completed project.

With the help of measured drawings of the original, I have replaced the front and the latch. Note the color match of new wood to old.


Restoration complete!


L&JG Stickley desks.
One done....the other waiting behind it.

The rollover image shows a close up of the drawer with the Stickley "nameplate"

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