Tea House Table
24"W x 44"L x 19"H
Influenced by Japanese art and architecture, this table is made of quarter-sawn American sycamore, figured cherry and black walnut inlay.
The top edge detail is influenced by Greene & Greene, but it is seen often in early Japanese furniture, raising the question;

"Are artists plagiarizing what has already been done?".

It is true that all visual artists study and are influenced by the Masters. Students of calligraphy and Chinese brush painting are taught by copying until they develop skill and their own style.
I am finding my own style while looking at the "masters" that came before me.
You will notice the stretchers are arched on the top as well as the bottom and the legs are mortised into (the bottom of)the table top. The underside of the tabletop is fared off slightly  giving the appearance of the roofline of a Japanese house.
The walnut inlay gives a contemporary feel to the piece.

This piece  will not be duplicated. Price is $2475.00

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